Attorney leaving law to pursue a career in online retail.  Ask me anything about leaving the corporate world gracefully to create your dream job.

Christina Arenas: Ask yourself how important making money is to you.  If from a reasonable amount to a lot, then try to find something that you like (ideally love) in which you will make a living.  In my point of view, if you're someone that likes making money, you wo…

How changing my brain built my business! As the founder and clinical director of world-renowned TheraPeeds Family Center, TheraPeeds Continuing Education, and Julia Harper, Inc., you can Ask Me Anything about how rewiring your brain can work for you!

Dr. Julia Harper: Meditation is an important practice as it is a key tool to developing an ability to SEE ourselves. When we meditate we learn to observe our minds so we can SEE our reactive patterns, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. It is the ability to SEE that is …

AMA How to Build a Team of Loyal, Reliable Employees Who Will Wow Your Customers and Grow Your Business. A guide to employee development and HR training for your staff.

Scott Greenberg: Yes, but rather than focus on age group, get to know the employees right in front of you and customize your motivation based on their unique sensibility. 
Jul 11, 2018

My startup wants to revolutionize healthcare by giving patients autonomy over their data to control who buys it and be the main beneficiary of its revenue, AMA!

Austin Jones: I don't think it's so much as any information that should never be sold, as to what information should never be used for.  Insurance company's shouldn't adjust risk based off a person's family members obituarys. Medical records shouldn't be on the bl…

Hello everyone! My name is Amanda Hudes, and I am the Founder of Smiling Through Chaos. My goal in life is to help people become the best version of themselves and stress less, handling the big events in their lives and helping them feel amazing. AMA!

Amanda Hudes: Thanks so much for asking! "Bringing Nice Back" was created a few months ago. With so much negativity right now in the world of politics, in schools and social media, and just in daily life, I wanted a type of sanctuary where people can go and see po…

How are you taking control of your career? Or is it in default mode? Are you stuck in a rut or trapped by your own comfort zone? Let's chat with the Crazy Asian #CareerProgression #BusinessAMA #Business #AMA

Sherman On: I think they start working to earn an income and then adjust their life around that cash flow.  So instead of following a passion and how to earn money around that interest they will startu at their current status.  To get something you've never had …

Becoming a Virtual Assistant? I'm a 10 years seasoned expert. Ask Me Anything!

Tracey Osborne: I would be open and honest. Tell them what they are asking goes against your beliefs, and that you simply cannot do it. If they can't respect your beliefs, then they shouldn't be your client.
Jul 10, 2018

From Employee to Entrepreneur. How I started and grew a successful Brand and Marketing Business after losing my job. #AMA

Kim Speed: Staying motivated is easy when there are opportunities to try new ideas, learn new things or work with great clients. Knowing you're appreciated is also important and showing that with little things such as a surprise coffee card or gift movie certif…

I'm Sachin Rekhi, CEO of Notejoy, a collaborative notes app. AMA about founding 3 startups, going from zero to one, or product!

Sachin Rekhi: I have two notes in Notejoy that I am constantly updating: a praise file and a rejections file. The praise file catalogs every time someone has said something nice about me personally, about my work, or about the product's I've built. It has messages…

How do you REALLY know if your event was a success? I am Kristin, Event Manager at Eventti and I am here to tell you how! Ask me anything.

Kristin Uptain: At Eventti, we do not plan events. However, if you are asking about us attending several events at once as an evaluator, the answer is no. We have a dedicated staff that regularly attends several events that we are booked to attend. Depending on your…
Jul 10, 2018

My name is Arya Bina, CEO of Kobe Digital. We design, build and manage cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns. Ask me Anything!

Arya Bina: Click fraud occurs when other marketers click on your paid ad with the intention to generate fraudulent charges for your ad. That means that you are paying for clicks that are coming from marketers trying to sabotage your campaign and not a targetted…

Ask Me Anything About Improving Your Financial Position.

Eruvwu Joyce Obuaya: Hi, good question. I meet with clients weekly at the moment and it's online via live video link mainly. However, I can conduct sessions over the phone too. When you are ready to get started go here
Jul 14, 2018

Ryan G Wright Wants To Help You Flip A House - Ask Me Anything about House Flipping

Ryan Wright: if you are n ot realistic about your numbers you end up making bad decisions use the lowest reasonable comps to figure on your ARV get a solid contractor bid- walk through with a contractor- the closer you can get to knowing exactly what the rehab wi…

I'm Lizia Santos, a Tech/Travel Startup Founder and CEO, and full-time​ mom of 3 boys under 6. City Catt helps people plan trips with the help of like-minded locals in their destinations. Ask me anything about how I (try to) do it all.

Lizia O. Santos: I have no previous entrepreneurial experience, besides writing and editing for a business portal.  The problem I'm trying to solve was the reason why the entrepreneurial spirit woke up:  I want to travel, but it became way harder to plan trips since …
Jul 11, 2018

AMA TokyoTechie for Cryptocurrency Development Services.

Ask Me Anything on getting leads in service industry - Accountants, CPA firms, consulting,IT and Saas companies, engineering and other professional services firms who are interested in growing their business.

Raj Ganesan: Atanasoksik, Yes, naive businesses seek ranking. Smart entrepreneurs want more lead sign-up. Without being present on the internet directly, one can build a huge list of the internet. For this reason, I do not believe ranking does much good at the ex…
Jul 9, 2018

My name is David Dye. I work with business leaders to help them get results - without losing their soul.  Ask me anything!

David Dye: Hi Dennis, Not at all - the principles of leadership are not that complicated or wide-ranging. In fact, if you'll cultivate the internal values of confidence & humility and focus on both achieving results and building relationships in all your work, …
Jul 7, 2018

#BusyMom Ask Me Anything about being a busy mom in today’s world! #WomenAMA

Ines Lozano: I wasn’t sure id be good at it. Turns out, in all my roles, that’s the thing I’m the best at. 

We are the team behind GooseChase! We help businesses, teachers, and any other organizers run custom Scavenger Hunt Adventures through our platform! Ask us anything!

GooseChase Adventures: I didn’t really get into it as a player, but I was absolutely fascinated by the massive crowd gatherings that happened in cities around the world when Pokemon Go was released. I think we’re in a period where the very definition of “Game” is changing …

My name's Viv Conway. I'm an Instagram Specialist and have built numerous Instagram accounts for more than 10k, 20k, and 30k. My business partner and I have worked with accounts from 60 followers to 1.8M followers. Ask Me Anything about Instagram!

Vivien Conway: For companies, we often find that our consulting sessions work well.  Results will always vary as everyone is in a different niche.  We've helped businesses get tens of thousands of followers, make sales, host collaborations, and even hire staff.  We…

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