Hey there! I'm Charlie, a recent full-time MBA graduate working in big tech. My two-year journey through business school was an absolute blast, and the skills and network I built helped get me to where I wanted to be in my career. Ask Me Anything!

Jun 16, 2017

I started my MBA journey in the fall of 2014. I was looking to get a graduate degree that would offer a versatile skillset and position me for a career leading to senior management.Business shool turned out the be the perfect fit for my personal and professional goals. I had a terrific experience learning in class, networking and making great friends, and ultimately finding an outstanding job in tech where I get to engage senior executives and help them solve their business and technology challenges.

For anybody currently or potentially looking at getting an MBA, please feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know about business school and the career opportunities that follow. 

- Charlie

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What do you think are some work habits/dispositions that would help one thrive in any industry/any level/at any point in time?

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Jun 22, 10:57AM EDT0

What tips do you have for students in general to be successful at school, internships and finding a good job?

Jun 18, 7:30AM EDT0

How much can someone with an MBA degree expect to earn?

Jun 16, 3:42AM EDT0

The salary for MBAs can range greatly depending on where you go to school and where you end up working. If you’re an American going to a top ranked MBA program in the states, many corporate jobs at Fortune 500 companies will start with six figure base salaries that will continue to go up as you progress in your career.

There are some MBAs that go into banking and consulting where the base salaries can start at $125K and up, with opportunities to make big bonuses. You can expect the higher paying jobs will also demand a lot more workhours and I have several friends working 12+ days in banking. Some people are fine with that and others choose companies and roles that might offer better work/life balance.

If you’re coming out of an unranked MBA program, it’s harder to find those six figure opportunities, and their salaries could end up being lower assuming they’re fortunate to land an offer. When the job market for MBAs is great, many people can expect to find great opportunities when they graduate. If the job market takes a downturn, the higher ranked business schools will fare better but could still feel the effects.

Jun 16, 5:11PM EDT0

Who was your mentor while you pursued your degree?

Jun 15, 7:06PM EDT0

Several recent graduates helped as my mentors in terms of prepping me for interviews and what to expect after graduation. I was also fortunate to have great bosses I interned for while going through business school to give me great feedback and career advice.

Jun 17, 12:36AM EDT0

What are the companies typically associated with Big Tech?

Jun 15, 11:09AM EDT0

What is the lure of working in Big Tech?

Jun 15, 10:58AM EDT0

What was your favorite class in business school, and why?

Jun 15, 7:34AM EDT0

Even though I was more marketing and finance focused, I loved entrepreneurship classes. It was a way to bring in guest speakers from successful startups, explore personal business ideas, and even volunteer to help local startups near campus to gain experience into that exciting community.

Jun 16, 6:04PM EDT0

What are some tips for effective professional networking?

Jun 15, 5:18AM EDT0

What are your plans for the future, Charlie?

Jun 14, 9:48PM EDT0

Hello Charlie! Where are you currently working?

Jun 14, 2:54PM EDT0

How do you work your way up the ladder in Big Tech?

Jun 14, 12:18PM EDT0

What are some of the stereotypes about Big Tech?

Jun 14, 11:56AM EDT0

How do you think business school grads are unfairly stereotyped?

Jun 14, 11:17AM EDT0

It depends on each individual to make a great impression. I never experienced any issues on the job, but I know several MBAs who ended up reinforcing those negative MBA stereotypes, resulting in some not receiving full-time offers after their internships.

What works in the classroom and what works in a real business isn’t always the same. If a new MBA goes in trying to instantly shoot down everyone or stubbornly push for why things need to be done their way, it will cause tension and issues between the MBA and everyone around them.

Chances are if you’re going into a corporate MBA position, many of your peers and managers will also have their MBA, or enough relevant experience to understand what’s going on. That’s not to say you can’t add a fresh perspective and recommend new strategies, but before you jump in, try to talk with people, do your homework, and find out why things might be the way they are. Changes might be required, but there’s more than likely going to have to be some compromise and adjusting to get there.

Jun 16, 6:02PM EDT0

What is your advice for business school grads entering the job market?

Jun 14, 2:48AM EDT0

Don't give up. It can be hard, especially if you're extremely selective about where you want to go or what role you want, but there are opportunities. Try to connect with alumni working where you want to be, or reach out to your school career center for some prep and help, but don't give up.

Jun 16, 6:01PM EDT0

Hello! What is required of an MBA student?

Jun 14, 1:29AM EDT0

As a recent grad, how soon do you plan to start saving for retirement?

Jun 14, 12:46AM EDT0

My company has a matching 401k program that I contibute to. Many of the corporations hiring have similar programs that are definitely worth taking advantage of.

Jun 16, 6:06PM EDT0

What is your opinion of obtaining a degree online?

Jun 14, 12:34AM EDT0

I think everybody’s situation is different. For somebody already working in a profession or industry, a part-time or online MBA could be a great way to continue your education without having to leave the workforce for two years.

The curriculum and coursework will be the same across most MBA programs, but the school support, network you build, and opportunities you’ll find is what makes the great MBA programs a worthwhile experience.

If you live near any good business schools, I’d suggest looking into maybe a part-time or evening MBA program which will give you that sense of community and the chance to meet your classmates in person. If commuting to a part-time program is undoable in your situation there are now several top ranked MBA programs that offer online MBAs.

The MBA will be a big commitment and investment, so no matter which method of study you need for your situation, you’ll want to make sure that at the end of the day it will be from a University you’ll be proud to have on your resume.

Jun 16, 6:00PM EDT0

What was the network you built?

Jun 13, 11:47PM EDT0

Hi What's your major?

Jun 13, 9:25PM EDT0

Technically, I never officially declared a concentration with my MBA, but I was heavy into mostly marketing and finance.

Most of the companies recruiting MBA students didn’t care whether or not you had a concentration so long as you performed well during the interview and/or internship process.

Having said that, you can expect more marketing related questions during a marketing interview, and a bank is likely to have you demonstrate your quantitative skills. If you are prepared and do well, then the concentration on the MBA was irrelevant.

A few banks and consulting firms also required your GMAT score on the application as a standardized benchmark to assess aptitude. This was rare, and only certain companies and industries did that.

Jun 16, 12:20AM EDT0

How do you stay connected with people you went to school with?

Jun 13, 6:36PM EDT0

I stay connected with most of my classmates through Linkedin. We also have a class Facebook page and various group chats. There are a handful that I still chat with several times a week even a year after graduating.

If you’re in a two year full-time program you will spend a lot of time with your classmates–in class, at networking events, social events, and potentially a few that might end up in the same company or area. There were even several members in my class who started dating and got engaged during business school.

Some people are more social than others, but for the most part many wanted to enjoy the experience and have fun, so there’s an opportunity to make a lot of friends you want to stay in contact with even after you graduate.  

Jun 16, 12:13AM EDT0

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