Hi! My name is Naima. An MBA in Finance with 10 years of experience in various fields including banks, logistics and school. An ordinary human being, a proud cat owner and an entrepreneur. AMA!

Naima Naseem
Jun 9, 2017

Ask me anything about cats, Entrepreneurship, relationships consultancy.

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Hi, My friend's client is looking for a writer with an MBA or Ph.D. in Finance. Would you be interested? :)

Jun 9, 9:20AM EDT1

Hi Antalia. 

Yes why not. Is it article writing? Or thesis?

Jun 9, 9:34AM EDT0

I'll get back to you. Have to ask my friend what type of writing they need. Please add me on skype? anataliafuentes :)

Jun 9, 10:11AM EDT0

wow, you're a real orchestra!) what else do you do?

Jun 8, 5:22PM EDT0


Haha. Thanks :) I barely get time for anything else. 

Jun 8, 11:24PM EDT0

Don't know how to motivate my students ... Naima, help!

Jun 8, 2:23PM EDT1

Hey Ashley. 

Engage them into more active learning. Appreciate them. Give them rewards. Sometimes counsel them :)

Jun 8, 2:48PM EDT1
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And what did you do in school? hi i mean work

Jun 8, 8:31AM EDT0

Hi Ryan,

Initially I worked as a home teacher for 3rd standard. Then after 2 years I got promoted as an academic coordinator. 

Jun 8, 9:41AM EDT1

Naima, did you ever have problems with your cat pissing everywhere? I really need some advice - my cat's gone simply mad!

Jun 8, 4:33AM EDT1

Hey Rita. 

Yes I had these issues when I bought her home. But then I got her used to the litter box. Try to keep the litter box clean because cats are very much obsessed with cleanliness. My cat pisses anywhere whenever I don't clean the litter box.

Also, if it doesn't work then visit to a vet. May be she has some stomach or kidney issues. 

Let me know if it works. 

Jun 8, 4:59AM EDT1

I'll try this. Thanks!

Jun 11, 7:19AM EDT0

Have you ever thought about opening a cat orphanage?

Jun 7, 1:47PM EDT0

Hey Hurley,

Yes that's on my to-do-list :)

Jun 7, 10:21PM EDT0

Hello, how many cats have you got? P

Jun 7, 9:04AM EDT0

Hey. Recently I've got only one cat. :)

Jun 7, 9:18AM EDT0
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Looks great) Have you lived in one place all the time or you've travelled a bit?

Jun 7, 8:05AM EDT0

Hey Heidi,

I lived in one place throughout my life. But a year back, I visited UAE and I found it a nice place for tourists and vacations :)

Jun 7, 8:44AM EDT0
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sorry what's logistics? (for dummies please)

Jun 7, 6:57AM EDT1

Hi Cole.

I hope I answer your question. Logistics is a commercial activity of transporting good from one place to another. 

Jun 7, 8:43AM EDT0
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Can I buy a parrot if I already have I small cat?

Jun 6, 11:55PM EDT1

Hi Teresa.

Yes you can get a parrot if you have a kitten. You can introduce both of them so they may get familiar with each other.

Jun 7, 12:46AM EDT0

Great) where did u study?

Jun 6, 10:08PM EDT1

I studied in Pakistan. From University of Karachi. 

Jun 6, 11:12PM EDT0

My cat's got lice - SOS!

Jun 6, 5:53PM EDT1

Use anti lice shampoo and comb her hair twice a day. 

Is the weather hot in your country?

Jun 6, 11:11PM EDT0
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How long have you been working at school, Naima?

Jun 6, 5:51PM EDT0

Altogether it's been 6 years in school.

Jun 6, 11:10PM EDT0
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Where did you study, Naima?

Jun 6, 4:24PM EDT0

Hey Ms. Misty,

I studied in Pakistan. From University of Karachi.

Jun 6, 11:09PM EDT0

I myself think about banking ... But isn't it boring?;)

Jun 6, 12:25PM EDT0

Hey Dawn. 

Yeah it is. That's why I switched to education sector. :)

Jun 6, 11:09PM EDT0
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Tell me something i don't know about credits ....

Jun 6, 9:11AM EDT0

Hey King Paula,

What specifically do you want to know about credit? 

Jun 6, 11:18PM EDT0

How many cats is the limit? No, really))

Jun 5, 8:20PM EDT0

I've only got one. Previously I had 2. But it all depends upon your availability. How much time can you give to your feline friends? :)

Jun 6, 11:08PM EDT0
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Had doubts about taking MBA - now I havent! Thanks) Was it hard, still?

Jun 5, 7:58PM EDT1

Hey. No MBA isn't hard. But yeah if you choose Finance, it's a bit tough yet interesting. You'll enjoy it.

Jun 6, 11:07PM EDT0

I've heard that Persian cats are awfully dull ,but I'd like to have one. What do you think?

Jun 5, 7:02PM EDT1

Hey James. Mine is Persian too. But she isn't dull. All you need to give them more time and play with them. They'll become habitual of that. 

Jun 6, 11:06PM EDT0

awesome))) did you think about writing a book about all this?

Jun 5, 6:29PM EDT0

Hey Thomas, thanks :)

No I never thought of writing any book :>

Jun 6, 11:05PM EDT0