How a Former Fashion Photographer/Writer/Blogger Settled Down To The Gritty Business of Online Reselling. Ask Me Anything!

Mar 18, 2018

Financial advisor here... Ask me anything!

Imagine it.... You're standing amongst the chaos of a turbulent world as planets collide sending massive tidal waves to all coastal planes... You're only hope to survive is to be saved by the Author With the Pen...!!! Join us #AuthorAMA & Ask Me Anything.... Find a way to save yourself..!!! Come take a journey with me as I divulge the secrets of this haunting saga! Who am I? Author... Publisher...Business woman...... Jacklyn Carden Meet and Greet begins April 1st, 2018 @ 12 NOON!!!

Mar 18, 2018

I’m studying accounting, ama

Mar 17, 2018

I picked UMBC to beat Virginia and didn’t put money on it. AMA

Mar 16, 2018

I deleted my mildly successful Reddit account so I can start over, AMA!

Founder & CTO of augmented human+AI health coaching startup. I left a big company to build the health coach I've always wanted. Ask me anything!

Mar 16, 2018

I'm a 19 year old girl starting a fitness based Instagram account come April 1st. AMA

Mar 16, 2018

A startup, that is run by a group of techies, educators and creative mad hatters. AMA

Mar 15, 2018

Patrick Collison AMA: Stripe CEO, technologist, builder of economic infrastructure for the internet

Mar 28, 2018

How I left the corporate world to search for that "Dream Thing" and found myself through yoga - Ask me anything, with Paula Baake, Dancing Mind founder, Master Yoga Teacher, Coach and Speaker

Mar 15, 2018

I deleted my Facebook account today. AMA!

My name is Alexey Semeney. I run a Silicon Valley based startup. I'm obsessed with managing software development processes using a data-driven approach. That helps startups launching better online products super fast. Ask me anything!

I'm a non-technical female founder who fundraised, built and launched a successful app with no prior experience. Ask Me Anything.

Co-founder of the activist clothing brand reflect. We use the communicative power of fashion to create social awareness. AMA!

Mar 16, 2018

AMA-Housing Market and How to build a business

Hello, my name is Divya Prasad. I am a travel writer/blogger at Obsessive Compulsive Traveller, a freelance writer, energy healer and sacred geometric artist for my healing arts venture Iktomi. A curious traveler of life; living my little dream in the Himalayas. Ask me anything about travel and manifesting your dreams in life #AuthorsAMA #AMA #Travel

Mar 15, 2018

If we want to take back our government we’re going to have to do it ourselves. I left teaching to lead an effort to get money out of politics. Now I’m running for U.S. Senate in my home state of Ca...

Mar 15, 2018

We are chemical weapons attack survivors. Now, we are trying to hold corporations accountable for their role in the attack. Ask us anything.

Mar 17, 2018

The First Cross-Chain Lending Platform For The Crypto Economy - AMA With Lendingblock Founders


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