May 28, 2018

Technology driving or holding your business back? Get the tech to support your business strategy and AMA with T-Tech's Simon Gratton

May 28, 2018

I'm Kalen Omo, Personal and Business Financial Coach here to bring Calm and Confidence to your finances. I'm here you answer your questions on your finances and your business. Ask me anything and everything. I'm here for you!

Where do you as an author spend your time, energy and money for greatest shot at success? So, AMA!

Are You Running Your Business, or Is Your Business Running You? Ask Me Anything About Simple Hacks to Fix it.

I am the founder and CEO of Bookmundi, a global travel Booking portal - Ask Me Anything

AMA: Looking to change your Career in your 20s?

Co-founder of Sani, an Indian fashion company run by sisters (one is in high school). Previously worked in venture capital at a startup accelerator. Ask me anything!

May 29, 2018

From the heart of Silicon Beach to the rest of the world. We connect Entrepreneurs and Startups with Investors and Advisors. So, Ask Me Anything!

AMA About How to Become Successful in Outside Sales and Crush your Quota

I'm an executive coach with lots of experience in growing and turning around companies. I have a powerful business plan tool which I am happy to share with you. Ask my anything about business planning KISS style.

Ask Me Anything on getting leads in service industry - Accountants, CPA firms, consulting,IT and Saas companies, engineering and other professional services firms who are interested in growing their business.

A problem-solving outlook has been key to my business success. Here to answer your questions - Ask Me Anything!

Want to get more done and have your team be more productive? I'm a seasoned entrepreneur specializing in these areas. Ask me anything...

Why You Need to Galvanize Your Team Without Fluffy Team Building AMA.

My name is Yakov Buta, I am the founder and CEO of Stringershub. We help the media receive video content created by stringers from any region. Ask me anything!

My name is Tash Jefferies. I help women and people of color find their dream job. I also help companies develop inclusive practices. Lastly, I just may be the first African Nova Scotian Tech Startup Founder. Ask me anything :).

Hi, my name is Jon Biedermann. As the founder of DonorPerfect Online, I help nonprofits raise billions of dollars every year. I also have a healthy obsession with community fundraising, and have saved an 8 story Kids Castle, built Baseball lights, and run basketball leagues. AMA about local or global nonprofit fundraising, or any SaaS software/tech questions.

Jun 7, 2018

Compatibility. In relationships. And in business. Ask Me Anything

Hi, I'm Rose, designer, explorer and environmentalist. After 29 years travelling the world and a decade designing bespoke jewellery, I now run an ethical jewellery business using opals I've mined, cut and polished myself. Ask Me Anything!

Jun 14, 2018

I'm the Outreach Director of the nonprofit San Diego Financial Literacy Center. We provide free financial education to youth (K-12 and college), members of the U.S. Military, and low-to-moderate income persons in the greater San Diego area. Ask me anything.


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