John-Michael Kuczynski

AMA Rank 25

Psychoanalyst, Philosopher


Psychoanalyst, Philosopher

I am the foremost analytic philosopher in the world. Although I have taught at some reputable universities (including Bard, UC Santa Barbara, and Virginia Commonwealth University), my reputation is based on my written work. I received my doctorate in philosophy at UC Santa Barbara in 2006. My break-out treatise was Conceptual Atomism and the Computational Theory of Mind (John Benjamins 2007). This was followed by Analytic Philosophy (Kendall Hunt 2009), which is generally regarded as the greatest treatise on the subject in existence. Other treatises of mine include Morality, Politics and Law (Kendall Hunt 2010) and Empiricism and the Foundations of Psychology (John Benjamins 2012). I am regularly a best-seller on Amazon in Set Theory, Mathematical Logic, Infinity, and Epistemology. My OCD-related publications include the aforementioned Empiricism and the Foundations of Psychology, and my OCD-related audio books include: OCD, Can OCD be Treated without Medication?, A Dialogue about OCD and Two Kinds of Insanity. Please visit me at: and also at 


  • Professor (philosophy

  • mathematics) Bard College

  • PhD University of California