Haim Pekel

Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker


Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker

Co-founder & CEO @ Press on It - A Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking Agency.

Previously co-founded four startups, sold one in 2012 and now working on three more with my wife and partner Melissa Pekel.

We founded Press on It in 2014, our agency focuses on growth hacking and digital marketing services for B2B SaaS products, Ecommerce, brands and B2C apps.

Some of my professional accomplishments include:

- Taking products from zero to hero (+100K users). 

- In 2016, I won the runner up award on Product Hunt for the best Chrome app of 2016.

- Getting the #1 position on Product Hunt at launch day with both B2B & B2C products.

- Getting published in large publications like the Lifehacker, TNW and more.I have extensive experience in all forms of marketing/product management including 

- Marketing strategy.

- Growth hacking.

- Customer journey, onboarding, lifecycle, forming product habits.

- UI/UX, branding and design.

- CRO (click rate optimization).

- Campaign management social, shopping, search GDN, Video, and Email.

- SEO (search engine optimization).

- ASO (app store optimization).

- Analytics.

- Content marketing, writing & microcopy

- PR and bloggers outreach.

- Influencer marketing and much more!

Aside from my skills as a growth hacker, I'm really into life hacks, productivity, GTD, and start-up culture.


Full stack digital marketing & growth hacking
  • failed with a lot of products

  • which tought me a lot of about how to do it right. Now I'm doing it right with my product and client

  • but boy it was a ride :)

  • Autodidact. Learned industrial engineering at the university. Reader of things.